Why the, "she was hot comment?"?

Way to often for my taste, while my boyfriend is telling me a story about something from his past or s scenario, he will chime in that a girlfriend of someone in the story was HOT. It seems irrelevant and I'm not sure why. It annoys me and makes me feel like he is lamenting over that person. I noticed when he does that, its a major turn off for me and I start to become distracted outside my relationship. I guess, I could care less about other people from the past being HOT (these are not people he even dated so who cares?) Why the need to mention it. Yah, I just don't get his need to mention it. I did ask him and he said he had no relevance to him. I replied, then why do it? I asked him, If the shoe were on the other foot, would he like it if I were doing that. I could tell him about several current very HOT guys who I could easily have now. However, I could care less. I'm just not sure why he does it and wish it did not bother me but it does. I don't make comments like that when telling him stories because I could care less what someone in the past looked like and I would never want him to feel like I putting attention out towards anyone else past of present. I'd love any feedback or thoughts. Thanks.
Why the, "she was hot comment?"?
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