Men , can you give me some advice?

I'm a college freshman and this guy i went to high school with attends this school as well. We started hanging out and everything is fine. I developed a thing for him, but I hadn't told him yet.

But one day out of the blue he starts HEAVILY making sexual jokes with me, and it was unexpected and i didn't like it in that moment cause we've only been hanging out for a little bit. So i told him I'm not on what he thinks im on. Later he tells me that he did like me but he took me saying what i said as i didn't like him even though i was giving off vibes that i did. Really, i just meant that i wasn't trying to be sexual so soon and I told him that.

We continue to hang out, and eventually it goes back to how we were. And I've noticed that i do like him and i am sexually attracted to him. So I flat out tell him and I also tell him about the sexual attraction as well. I give him the option of whether or not he wants some to happen. He says he's not sure how to feel about that, but we've been hanging out more.

Except tonight we hung out, and its like he doesn't even like me or want anything. So should i ask him about it or just drop any possibilities of us?
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I don't know if this helps but we're both virgins as well
Men , can you give me some advice?
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