Guy keeps asking to hang out?

There is this guy and we've had a bit of history (friends with benefits almost), things ended because I had to move to a different city (about 20-30 minutes away). Eventually, I made it clear that I didn't want to be in that kind of relationship anyway.

We've texted ever since I departed and I'm bothered by how much he asks to hang out. I want to say every single time we talk he asks about either us hanging out or me coming over or anything along those lines. He swears up and down he just wants to see me and doesn't want to do anything sexual. I mentioned that I was uncomfortable with him asking so much because I would let him know when I had time. Today he asked again.

What should I do? I'm very close to blocking him. If I should block him, should I let him know beforehand that I am doing so because he hasn't taken my discomfort seriously?
Guy keeps asking to hang out?
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