Still don't understand him?

Ok, I still don't know where I stand with this guy in my work.
We both are very attracted to each other. We hide it but we try to touch whenever possible at work secretly just brushing hands with each other or he will sneek a hug from behind, sometimes we make out in hidden places at work etc. He has written in the past that he loves me, but he has never actually said it, just in text form.
So... anyways, we haven't actually had sex yet but i set up a date to go to a hotel with him. The thing is, I asked him in text form what he wanted... A lover, secret relationship, girlfriend, boyfriend ,,,, which one. He said he wants "lover and secret and girlfriend. That to me sounds like a relationship, yet by his actions I can't help feeling it's more of a fuck buddy thing, cos we don't go on dates, he won't let me go to his place cos he's ashamed his place isn't nice. So I asked him, if we are fuck buddies without feelings, or do we have feelings. He said he has feelings...
Would a guy lie? It's just if you have feelings wouldn't you wanna go on dates or just spend more time together? Cos we don't. I have caught feelings but I can totally control it if he's not into it.
Still don't understand him?
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