Why don't I have a boyfriend?

I am quite pretty and have a nice body. I see these women with fake lashes, fake hair, fake nails, fake faces, fake boobs, who used to get with 10 men a day (or still do) and now they found their prince charming who love them. i've never had a boyfriend because it seems that many men's standards nowadays is fake fish lips, fake lashes, unnaturally coloured hair, 20 lbs of makeup, fake boobs, an annoying high pitched voice that is likely to use words like "like," "um," 'uh," "lol," and "oh my Gawd." this whole hookup bullshit culture. maybe i should start showing half my ass. i might find a husband through these means, since looking like a hooker is seen as "wife material" nowadays. on the other side of the spectrum, i see extremely hot men with women who look like mops, have the body of a scarecrow or a hot air balloon, have atrocious personalities, and are even jealous of female dogs that come in their male partner's vicinity.
Why don't I have a boyfriend?
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