Why do girls lose guys/crushes to other and "prettier girls"?

it's literally the most frustrating thing ever!

hey everyone! i'm typing this in a bit of a frenzy, but i am so clueless as to what is happening to me all the time. i'm currently 20 years. old and have been single my entire life. losing the interest of guys to prettier girls is a common thing for me, hence why i have never had a relationship.

this has been a thing since i started putting myself out there when it came to dating and such. at the beginning of it all, i was shy, romantic, and reserved. this was before i started getting help for my mental health, so i was extremely codependent and depressed. ever since my mental health has been addressed, my extrovert nature has boomed out of me. i'm confident with my words, forward, and unafraid to tell a guy i like him. however, i am finding myself in situations, constantly, where the guy i am crushing on (who very much knows that i am) shows interest in me and then runs off to the "much prettier girl".

trust me, i know i'm a catch. i'm insanely fun, hot, articulate, and so ditzy sometimes it's cute. i've got it all, but i always lose the race to the stereotypical blonde, blue, white, and thinner alternate (i am an African American female). i'm frustrated. is it me? or is it him? i'm tired of being everyone's second choice when they don't get what they want. i get silver, never gold.

should i just stop trying, even though i know i'm ready and wanting a relationship?
Why do girls lose guys/crushes to other and "prettier girls"?
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