What should I do? should I talk to him or let it go?

I met this guy through a friend 10 years ago. We were 12 and 13 then. Although I met the friend, I never met the guy in person. We talked for a while on fb then we stopped but continued to keep in touch. 10 years later I’m being harassed at my job. My coworkers took pics and videos of me to embarrass me online. The video blew up everyone is talking about it, I’m being recognized everywhere I go. Based off of rumors, I find out that the guy I used to talked to knew people at my job and asked them to harassed me because I don’t look like my pictures online. He apparently fell in love with me and tried to meet me in person but when he saw me he was disgusted with the way I looked. He tried to embarrass me 10 years ago after seeing me in person but it failed. so when his friends told him we worked in the same place he saw it as an opportunity to get back at me. We last talked in 2015 everything was good between us. I don’t understand what changed. Should I text him to find out or let it go? My boyfriend told me to let it go but I can’t stop thinking why he chose to embarrass me online instead of talking to me about it.
What should I do? should I talk to him or let it go?
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