Hooking up with someone on Tinder?

Why would a guy act like he wants to get to know me and then turn around to say he just “wants to have fun?”

I know it’s tinder but some people do put on their bio that their looking for a relationship. He didn’t put any of that. I put that I’m open to anything. HOWEVER, he has been texting with me the past few days and has been asking me about myself. Like what I like, hobbies, etc. he has NEVER complimented me nor did it ever turn sexual. And then today, out of nowhere, asked what I was on tinder for. And he told me he was just looking for fun.

Like. Why not just say that in the beginning? I’m not upset. I’m just confused? Most guys go straight to the point. (And I prefer straightforward)
Hooking up with someone on Tinder?
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