Why does he want me?

I am a younger girl (still legal lol) with only one man I've had sex with. He is 5 years older with over 40 women he's had sex with. I thought his body count was the issue as to why im overthinking, but I don't think it is anymore... Why exactly would an older guy want to talk to a younger girl that lives a bit far from him over women his age who live around him who would definitely have sex with and date him. I am an overthinker so this is what I've been thinking. I feel as if these women are settling down and dont want the hook up life anymore and that he got more unattractive so they aren't as interested anymore. (He is still cute but he was VERY cute when he was younger so I see why he has over 40 bodies LOL!) . Is he just settling for me? Am I just his plan B since plan A's aren't interested anymore? I just find it IMPOSSIBLE that my personality is THAT good that he wants to date and fuck me over women around him who are probably gorgeous as hell. Or is he not interested in these women because he wants to fuck a smaller younger woman? Then wouldn't he just be using me lmao.
Why does he want me?
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