Can someone tell me if this guy is showing me that he likes me or if he's just being friendly?

Everyone at work knows I like him.

When I've been around the other guys at work, he goes and talks to them while I'm right there. We hadn't been fully introduced yet and because I'm shy, I'd walk away.

He finally came up to me last week, asked me my name, and asked questions like where I lived, what I like to do, and if I'd be moving down south since I said I'd like to get out of CT. He's moving down south for a new job so he'll be gone soon.

He also asked me how far it was to my town.

I started to notice him more coming into my area. Then, I was outside, I heard footsteps and then, "Oh hi!" And we began talking again.

He asked what kind of music I listen to, what else I like to do in my spare time, and then said he had an extra ticket to a concert for the band I was just introduced to by another coworker. He said I could have it and that he bought a bunch when they were available but that he may not be able to make it because of the new job but if he does, then 'nice'. He also started playing a song he liked for me; Skin by Beartooth.

I got nervous and said I'd 'think about, absolutely'.

He asked me what I was doing this past weekend and when I said 'I'm not sure yet as my life is awfully boring' and he laughed and said 'that's okay, boring isn't all bad'. Then he asked if I had gone to the fair my town has and faced me. I know my face got red, I felt it.

I didn't know what was going on so I said that I have been the night before but I want sure if I was going to go back.. His face was kind of beet red but I could have sworn someone said he has a girlfriend but like... I'm confused.

Finally, he asked if I would be at work Monday and that he'll see me then.

I've never met someone so kind but also... a ticket to a concert offer and if I'm going to my town fair... Help me please lol. I have social anxiety so it's also a bit of a pain but it feels like he's trying and then I feel like I'm shooting him down.
Can someone tell me if this guy is showing me that he likes me or if he's just being friendly?
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