Why would he ask for my number and then block me?

I've been going to a local coffee shop for about over 5 years. I met this guy there and we would talk and spend time together every time we were both there. He added me on FB & he told me he was interested in me for a long time. I was surprised. He was a grad student, well-traveled, really "in-the-books" intellectual type. And I am a mess. Then and now. I asked him why he never said anything and he said, "well you were always talking to other guys and you like bad boys. Nice guys finish last."

Anyways. he asked on a date via FB messenger. I told him how shocked I was because I literally would never think I was his type. We talked about it. He said he would be back in town in 2 weeks and would call me and set something up then. About 2 weeks later, I never heard from him. I thought I'd reach out to him to see ask for his number so I could call him and set a day for us.

I was interested in seeing and getting to know him outside of the coffee place. I was attracted to him. But I just literally never thought anything more than that. I did when I first saw him. But, he never gave me the "vibes" that he was interested and I like to let men lead when it comes to dating.

Anyways, when I went to message him on FB. I saw he had unfriended me. I didn't understand why. But, my feelings were hurt and i felt confused. It's like he said, "nice guys finish last" but I have been going to that coffee shop for years and i have only given my number to 4 guys and he was one of them. And HE was the only one who didn't call. So, I guess he's not so much of a nice guy after all.

Anyways, a couple months later I ended up meeting a new guy and we started dating and I took him to the coffee shop. I saw the "nice guy" and we didn't talk. That was the last time I saw him. But, sometimes I wonder why he did that. It wasn't like I was a random woman from the bar. We actually had a pretty good report for a few years. What gives?
Why would he ask for my number and then block me?
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