What way does he like me In?

We text regularly, he asks how I am, texts me have a nice day usually asks how my day went, sends me a good night text, he gets little cheeky, has given me compliments, he sent me in gossip his heard about me. he tries to make me laugh, he doesn’t like responding back to my Inbox straight away, He was trying make me jealous with another chick to see if I have a crush on him, so me & this man setup a conversation, we pretended we hooked up actually didn’t hook up, it was just a sexy conversation, He got jealous of the sexy conversation, so now the conversations with him have gone shorter from deeper, He is hoping he can trust me more as he gets too know me in person. I heard his been asking about me though others. We don’t see each other due I been in lockdown for a while. When I hung out with him he always acknowledges me, makes good eye contact.
What way does he like me In?
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