He keeps mentioning his past hookups?

So i met this guy a while ago and we started hanging out, in my opinion it's pretty obvious that he's interested but if it's as a hookup or something longterm is what i'm trying to figure out..

We hang out a lot at my place with our dogs and he cooks for me, this weekend he slept over both days and nothing more happened than us cuddling and playing smashbros and just having a good time. I definitely feel like there's something there, he really listens and has actually brought me very thoughtful gifts, like when i was really feeling down and didn't wanna hang with him he left me a package of Mochi at my door, which i had mentioned a long time ago that they're my fav. And he calls me Darling and ma'am and such.

But to cut to the point, the thing that makes me feel weird is that he keeps mentioning some past hookups and that he learned how to.. yeah hold it longer and that the girl brought a big jar of coconut oil yada yada. And i don't know if i'm reading to much into the rest of the really good thing he does and he just sees me as a friend or if he's trying to make himself seem manly and trying to woo me by flaunting about good sex that he's had or if he just wants to fuck, though i feel like he's doing too much for just looking to hookup with me. Also we haven't really talked about us as something really but in my eyes, him mentioning exes and hookups in that way makes me feel weird, at least when it comes to the sexual bit and i find it very unattractive.

So am i just prude and reading too much into what's just friendship or is he trying to woo me by flaunting about his sexual experiences to impress me somehow?
He keeps mentioning his past hookups?
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