Should my boyfriend be acting this way?

My boyfriend is constantly on his phone looking at TikTok or whatever all the time. Yesterday, We went to his family member’s house for lunch and one of my friends also came with us. He was on his phone the majority of the time and when he saw it was upsetting me and I was telling him to get off his phone he still continued to be on it. I lost my virginity to him last week and now he keeps making these jokes about me to one of my friends, I was simply just sipping from a straw the other day and he literally turned to her and said “it’s because of her training.” He also turned to her and just kept making sexualized jokes about me. Then we were just laying on the couch, his family was around so was my friend. And it was completely fine. Until I felt him smack my ass multiple times in front of EVERYONE and he just kept looking at them and smiling about it. I just felt so uncomfortable and embarrassed. He still continues to do this and almost seems like he thinks he can just touch me wherever and whenever he wants and I don’t know why.
Should my boyfriend be acting this way?
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