Why is he more offended towards me than to other people?

My guy friend is much more sensitive towards me compared to how he is to his other friends. For instance, he love eating oatmeal cream pies a lot, and his friends always made fun of him for it. One of them told him that if he keeps eating them then his neck is gonna look like the oatmeal pie when he get older. And my friend just shrugged and kept eating them even when his friends would constantly call him fat.

So one day I had bought one from the vending machine for a quick snack, and he wondered if I was gonna give it away and I politely told him that I was keeping it and that he eat them too much. After that, he stopped eating them completely. And I’ve never targeted his weight or made fun of him like his other buddies. I just simply told him that he had enough and he got mad at me.

It’s like he doesn’t care what his other friends think of him but my opinion matters more. And I’m back and forth if he actually likes me cause I did try asking him out months later but he told me that he didn’t like me in that way which I know is a lie. Cause why else he’s more sensitive to me more than his other friends and even strangers?
Why is he more offended towards me than to other people?
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