What is the purpose of this?

So I’ve dated two guys, different lifestyles… one had military background and the other was a criminal who was in rehab.. (I didn’t know until after dating him for awhile) so the military guy was pretty honest for the most part about what he wanted.. however, he started to lie towards the end and eventually he got mad because I didn’t want a causal relationship with him.. he had previously told me he suffered from anger issues but I didn’t pay attention to it because I had never seen him unable to control his emotions.. anyways, fast forward, he started having panic attacks and he was shaking (nervous) when we were together.. I’m not sure if he had feelings for me and didn’t admit it or if he got nervous because he knew he was being dishonest with me. He was very inconsistent and hot & cold.. one day he wanted me, next day I wasn’t there.. so, i gave up.. that pissed him off and he showed his angry side, he sent me so many messages about how he had only used me for sex.. how single mothers are only good for sex.. but why was that the only group of women that he could attract? Next guy, the addict I found out lied about EVERYTHING start to finish… there’s no need to go into detail on him because it was very abrupt how things ended. He was stuck on his ex and I was his rebound.. however, why did he get so angry when I didn’t want to continue things? I ended up blocking him on all social media and his number. He came back with a new phone and number. (This was after he kept insulting me) sooo my whole question is why do men feel the need to insult you after you stop playing their games? What’s the whole point in it?
What is the purpose of this?
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