Is dating your best friend a bad idea?

I have a guy friend that has consistently been there for me during every phase of my life. When I met him he had a girlfriend but about a month ago he told me they had broken up. While he was with his girlfriend I felt like he liked me but obviously there was boundaries and now that he’s single he’s making an effort to let me know that he’s interested... he’ll hint at me forgetting about my ex and giving him a chance. He’ll check on me all throughout the day. Yesterday he gave me an early birthday surprise (a cake he made himself with some chocolate strawberries on the side)... he also told me that with a guy like him in my life he’d never disappoint me. At some points he’s also told me that after he’s done opening up his business that I should move to his city so I can help run it.
Is dating your best friend a bad idea?
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