Is my marriage worth saving?

Recently I had a gut feeling that something was not right with my husband, I started to get suspicious that he may be cheating on me but didn't have concrete evidence to prove, it started off when I noticed he was being secretive with his phone and social media accounts, he'd put a lock on his phone and all his apps, he made some accounts on social media and blocked me so I couldn't see his profiles, when I asked about this he just said "it's just a dodgy account for entertainment, I didn't even add my family or friends" but then I noticed that he'd be spending so much time on his phone, he'd go to the bathroom all the time and lock the door and he'd be in there at least an hour every time, I also noticed that he started being nasty with me, argumentative and insulting me, and all of a sudden he wants to have intercourse every day, whereas we normally did it maybe once a week or so, though I didn't think anything much of this as I just thought he was feeling more love for me, until I found some messages on his phone the other day, he'd been messaging other women telling them he's single and wants to hook-up or friends with benefits, I was furious and I couldn't hold my tongue I had to confront him about his, he made an excuse that they're old messages from years ago although the messages showed a recent date and time, ever since I confronted him we've kept a distance from each other and he won't even look at me, every time I see him his eyes look like he's been crying, when he spoke to me he showed me his phone, promised to stop what he's doing and never do it against, he said he will remove all passwords from his phone then he said that he really loves me and he's so sorry, but I just don't know what to do because I'm damaged from this, I loved him but how can I trust him now.
Is my marriage worth saving?
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