Things are too one sided so I ended it?

I am currently talking to a man who lives about seven hours away from me. We work for the same company but don’t ever work together. Our offices are independent of each other.

We met while working and just started talking etc etc. we started to exchange pictures with one another. Over the last 3 years…3, not months, years, all he does is send me selfies. I have sent WAY more than that. He requests something? I send it.

I haven’t asked him in the past if he would send me anything else that’s more nsfw and he wasn’t sure. He finally did 2 months ago (it was very tame) and I thought we were making progress…but then no matter what I tried to do, he wouldn’t budge… I offered very spicy pictures, video, snaps, etc.

I finally asked if he would send other stuff and he said no. I told him that I couldn’t do this anymore and that I didn’t want to speak with him anymore. And it’s not so much because of a picture… I feel used, worthless, taken advantage of and I shouldn’t feel that way.

I feel like he doesn’t respect what we have enough to reciprocate and makes me think that I’m not good enough.

Am I overreacting by pulling the plug?
Things are too one sided so I ended it?
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