I'm getting creeped out, what should I do?

I was once trying to read a banner from afar and a guy standing next to it thought I was staring at him. Ever since, we kinda had this thing where we'd of look into eachother's eyes for like 20ish seconds straight like we're in some trance (if you stare at something for some time you'll know what I mean). Anyway, I only saw him occasionally (lk 2-3 times a year) and since he didn't approach me or reply when I tried talking, I eventually decided to ignore him.

A couple of years later, when I saw him again, I noted that he was peeking through the door to stare at me. I was just used to this behaviour from him so I ignored it. However, as I went to get a drink, I noted that he wasn't just staring, he was watching my every move from afar (lk when I walked to get some coffee, when I sat drinking it, when I walked over to the bin and then back to my seat he was incessantly watching me without looking away). This made me kinda scared to confront him so decided to hide behind something hoping he'd stop.

However, after a few seconds when I stepped out, he was still standing there like he was waiting or me to come out of my hiding spot so that he could stare at me. It was really uncomfortable so I got home early and began crying.

I was 17 and he was 21 when this whole thing started and the last incident happened just a year ago when I was 24! I'm just nervous coz I'm attending an event where he'll most likely be at.
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Edit: I was trying to read a banner and he mistook it for me staring at him. Sure, we did have this story thing for some time after that, but he never approached and so I stopped. So I am describing is 2 years after he 'supposedly' stopped.
No, I'm not overthinking and although he never does anything and I know he means no other harm but incessant staring itself is sexual harassment. It feels really uncomfortable and that's the reason I'm asking what I should do to avoid this behaviour itself
I'm getting creeped out, what should I do?
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