Isn't what this guy did to me cruel? How do I get over rejection?

Hi reddit, so I've known this guy for about 5 months. We met on an online Q&A public forum and we started chatting with each other. He seemed really nice, good-looking, funny. We used to talk for literally hours every day and I thought we were getting along well with each other and that he was also interested in me. We even made plans to meet when the pandemic ends and to move together. He claimed he genuinely liked me, cared me about me and that he even saw me as marriage material

Then suddenly one day he suggested to exchange voicemails. So I made the recording and then sent it to him. Although he said that everything sounds good, he also told me that I sound "older than my age but that's not a bad thing". After a day though he changed his mind and said that my voice sounds a lot older than my age and that I creepy and insane and that I sound like a man faking my voice and blocked me.

I've been crying ever since. When you've been talking to someone up to 10-12 hours a day, invest so much time and energy on this person and he treats you in such a cruel way, that feels like a heavy blow to take on. I don't know how I'm gonna carry on with my life. I'm really thinking of ending this. Although I didn't know this person in real life, believe it or not, I got feelings about him and was part of my life.
Isn't what this guy did to me cruel? How do I get over rejection?
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