Am I over-reacting or was he racist ?

I am a Muslim girl that wears the hijab.

We are in the office and training for a new role. The training sessions are so draining and dragging. Just PowerPoint after PowerPoint and not learning anything until we put it into practice.

So due to boredom me and Steve, a whitenon-religious guy on my team started exchanging messages about rap music as we both have a similar interests on MS teams. We messaged all day, i also sent him my rap I wrote which he loved. We were messaging each other on our individual chats, having fun rhyming words.

Anyway, all was going well untill I typed on the team group chat due to the depressing training session “ alarmed and distressed” Steve randomly replied “ repressed”.

This shocked me. I responded with an 😡 emoji. he immediately backtracked by saying I “meant like how you re-press apple juice” as if I was born yesterday. Also the way he backtracked proves to me he knew exactly what he was saying. I then sent a “that’s so racist” gif (in hindsight it wasn’t the best idea). Steve got defensive and his face looked anxious and guilty. He said “we’ve been talking to each other on chat all day….“ as a defence. other white work colleague sat next to him also looked guilty as if they both had a discussion about me before this.

I feel as though he only used that word because I’m a hijab wearing Muslim girl. In other words he was trying to say I’m oppressed, as that’s the stereotype portrayed about Muslim woman in the media.

Many guys take female friendliness as flintiness. Perhaps they were trying to imply I’m ‘flirting’ with them cos as a Muslim girl I’m sexually repressed.

It could also be his frustration, because he knows I’d never date him.

I’m just so disappointed as both these men like to portray themselves as open minded liberal men. It seems no matter how much I try to fit in and how much effort I put in, a lot of white people will look down upon me and my culture. It’s hard enough for a Muslim girl in a work place.
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This is the UK by the way
Am I over-reacting or was he racist ?
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