Guys, Do guys really care about Instagram girls?

Those “Instagram model” like girls who have hundreds and thousands of followers on social media and always posting pictures and selfies with tons of comments - do guys really care/like them or is it just something to look at?

There are always tons of flirty comments and stuff on their posts but they seem as if they’re a celebrity with a bunch of followers but only seem to post the same content as if they need to keep up with it. I’m not shaming any girls that does this at all, but I just wonder do guys really like these girls when they like or comments and their pics or is it just like gawking at a celebrity?

Personally, if I saw a bunch of male models posting these pics I wouldn’t really feel the need to comment all these flirty things I would just like it and keep scrolling. It makes me wonder what it’s like for the guys - what’s your motive behind commenting and liking these “Instagram models” pictures?

This guy I’ve been seeing for a few months, I’ve noticed he follows and comments on a lot of these types of pics and it makes me wonder whether he’s really into me or if he’s really just playing the field because he’s looking at these other girls as well. I also don’t look like these models at all so it makes me question his feelings for me.

Can someone help me out?
Guys, Do guys really care about Instagram girls?
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