How do I get over being blocked and ghosted by this guy?

Hi GaG, so recently I was ghosted and blocked by a guy I've been talking to for 5 months. We met on an online Q&A public forum and we started chatting with each other. At first, he seemed really nice, good-looking, funny and cool and we used to chat for literally hours a day. I thought we were getting along well with each other and we had a connection. The guy seemed to be interested in me, as he would compliment my looks, tell me that he had romantic feelings for me, that he saw me as relationship and marriage material and a lot more that I'm not gonna mention here (some of the conversations were really deep). We even made plans to meet when the pandemic is over and move in together.

One day the guy suggested we should exchange voicemails and get to know each other well. So, I recorded my voice and sent it to him. He initially said that everything was ok, "but you just sound a bit older than your age". I don't get how anyone can guess someone's age by their voice, as there are three different female vocal groups (the soprano, mezzo-soprano like Katherine Jenkins and contralto like Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse). Anyway he seems that he had a change of heart because the next day he started calling me a creepy old lady, a man faking his voice, transgender, criminal and many other stuff. He also asked for something rather offensive.

Afterwards he blocked me. Ever since I've been crying endlessly. I know this may sounds trivial to some people, they'll just say "This is just the Internet", but when you invest so much time and energy in a person (10-12 hours a day) just to be backstabbed and discarded like trash, this really hurtful. I've never ever experienced such cruelty in my life both online and offline.
I'd appreciate any kind words or advice
How do I get over being blocked and ghosted by this guy?
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