Does he like me or am I delusional?

So in my friend group we have two couples, so we went to homecoming with them, me and my friend, and two single guys. We had a good time with taking pics, dinner, and hoco, but for afterwards, the two couples had plans, so the other four of us decided to go see a movie.
Seeing the movie was so fun, and me and one of the guys had talked through literally the whole movie. After going home, he snaps me till like 2am, and procedes to text me the whole next day, constantly reviving a dying conversation. On Monday of the following week, one of my friends asked him if he liked me, and he replied with a confident yes, she then told him to not ask me out because his feelings were not reciprocated.
I have a lot of reservations about him, because before hoco he acted colder towards me, and more cocky/patronizing in our engineering class. After Mon and tues he started acting more like that again. I am confused as to if he likes me or if it was just due to the fact that I looked good for hoco, or if he just is a different person outside of school?
Does he like me or am I delusional?
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