Men I need your help. Is he falling for me?

Ok I’m just going to straight up. I met this guy. The attraction between us is undeniable. We talked for two weeks and I won’t lie…we hooked up. My first new guy in 6 years (don’t judge me lol) the last guy I had been with was my kids dad. ANYWAY…so I’m thinking after the sex that I kind of ruined things. It was too quick. I figured he may only reach out for sex. Well that’s not what’s been happening. He calls me almost every night. We FaceTime. Or just talk. NOT about sex. Just life. But it seems the convos get deeper. He calls me beautiful like it’s my first name. He’s just sweet! And on FaceTime he just sometimes stops and stares at me and just smiles. And I like him soooooo much. But I’m playing it cool. He hasn’t just come outta and said, “hey I like you.”But I feel like he might 🤔 we have been talking like this for about a month. So men…. I don’t want to jump too far ahead but is possible he’s catching feelings?
Men I need your help. Is he falling for me?
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