He asks why I hardly message or call first?

My guy friend recently asked me why I hardly ever call or message him first. by the way, I did contact him a month ago to check up on how’s he’s been.
He’s always been flirty and I did start liking him and thought of potentially dating. However; it turned out that he was with a woman. He claims that he’s passing time with her, but I don’t feel comfortable getting involved.

Once any of my guy friends are with someone, I take a step back to respect their s/o, I don’t wish to unintentionally make anyone uncomfortable. That’s why I hardly contact him first.

Today he called me and still flirted with me. And asked the question i mentioned above. I told him the honest answer and he got quiet for a couple seconds and then switched the topic and we continued talking. I’m honestly confused and don’t know what’s his intentions.

Is my reasoning making any sense?
He asks why I hardly message or call first?
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