Maslow/self-actualisation vs peace/calm/love/pleasure/tranquility?

Anyone noticed how the pop culture strongly, if not exclusively, bases itself on Maslow (food/shelter/heating - and then sex - and through sex self-actualisation/establishing) and how it is taken as almost insane, and most certainly non existent to live/love/enjoy/be calm and peaceful, have a good (and easy) life with the minimum of effort and with maximum joy?

The mainstream teaches you to invest heavily in cheating, drive a fancy car, and race around (recklessly) trying to have sex with as many people as possible - preferably by cheating on them/not informing them at all - so you can also show off your 'social prowess' (that being - to me at least - completely sick in a Hindu sort of 'let's just wreck this place completely before the party ends and leave it like India - full of trash, polluted, filthy, ugly and nasty - so it can start to feel, to Hindus - like back home, their familiar environment of graffiti 'Rajif was here' and clueless riding on motorcycles to demonstrate freedom (being able to flee after committing crimes/stealing/defrauding (as ways of demonstrating social prowess/superiority of the sick Hindu mind)))
Maslow/self-actualisation vs peace/calm/love/pleasure/tranquility?
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