What’s the correct way to approach?

I have been over the years been learning how to properly communicate to others. I am in need of how to approach a very touchy conversation with a male being who does have communication issues. My goal is to approach in a positive way and keep the whole conversation positive. How would I go about opening a topic in a positive way on a negative subject? I tend to be very blunt when I speak and sometimes it comes off as mean or rude. I’m trying to avoid those things as this person is emotionally unavailable.

The main course:
They said something along the lines that hurt my feelings and it was very one sided without evidence. But they choose to speak on their feelings which came out very rough rude and angry. A lot of hurt & negative energy was dropping on me. How do I respond in a kind positive way and able to address that my feelings were hurt in the process due to their lack of communication skills. It’s been about 5 days now that I told them i was upset and needed them to give me some space cuz nothing I wanted to say was kind or positive. I appreciate all answers thank you.
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You are not answering my question for what the question is asking. Thanks for trying though. :)
What’s the correct way to approach?
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