Is my coworker crushing or just being friendly?

One of my coworkers has been extra helpful to me in particular. I worked with this guy for more than 12 months and he was never like this. We both did our own thing and he was friendly with the other coworkers. Around the end of August this year, it started nearly right after he got promoted to a manager. I noticed the first thing he did when he came into work is talk to me. Throughout the day, he makes random stops just to chat with me, especially when I'm helping with a customer, he walks over and helps me help them. He compliments my work and brings me up when I'm down. A few days ago, I needed something off a shelf using a ladder that was way up high but wasn't strong enough to get it. He is afraid of heights and doesn't like going on it. For some reason, he put his fear aside and got on the ladder anyway. I do like him if he does like me but not sure how to go about it.
Is my coworker crushing or just being friendly?
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