HELPP!! Does this guy like me?

So there is this really cute guy that i dont know. He knows i exist and i have seen him a couple of times at several public occasions and in the most recent one he would look at me as he laughed and he was obviously faking it he would laugh very awkwardly as his friend cracked jokes. He would also adjust his hair and push it to a certain direction A LOT!. At another ocassion as he was sitting with a group of guys (about 4-5 including him) i was sitting across the room (we were realllyy far away) and i caught his friend talking is phone out and i knew he was talking a picture but then i got really uncomfortable thinking he took a pic of me and took my moms phone to check if a look okay (why do guys take pictures of girls its REALLY CREEPY?)
its pretty hard to even believe that he would be intrested i searched the internet for "signs that a guy likes you" and all they say is fidgetting with their hair seemimg nervous, friends teasing him, seeing them often.
but do u guys think he likes me.
HELPP!! Does this guy like me?
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