Would this bother you and is it worth still being friends?

So a few days before meeting a friend we discussed plans and i told my friend i had to be back around a certain time (lets say 2:00) to spend time with family since its the long weekend. Then the day before we met he said by the way i have an appointment so we can meet (around the certain time i had to leave) so its like they werent listening.

Then the day of he said his appointment is running late and not sure how long he will be.. so i said just keep me posted. And they said yup. So i told them that im going to be leaving around 2:00 pm (where our original meeting time was 2:30/3:00 which is an example time) so i text im leaving and they were already there. Wouldn't you keep the person posted?

When i got there he just seemed really down and not as much talkative but it got a bit better. He apologized for that and said some days ill be down the next day he will be fine. My friend is also the type that he's obsessed with animals and nothing wrong with loving animals, i dont hate animals im just not an animal person , i find them cute but not to the point where im obsessed with them. So its like all he talks about and hardly asks me questions anymore and the conversation is kind of dry. Would you still be friends with them?
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Would this bother you and is it worth still being friends?
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