What should I do about this manchild?

I have been in a ‘situationship’ with this guy in his thirties for four years. Started out as friends, then fuck buddies and then miraculously, partners for two and half years (quite happy years, never big issues and always enjoyed and learnt new things from each other) But then all of a sudden he said to me about two weeks ago that ‘he never wanted to be in a relationship’ and ‘what was I expecting of him’ because he never needed that ‘extra’ thing. Just like that. I respected it. But told him to fuck off (it was my first relationship, I was 20 and he was an older guy when we met so i fell terribly in love with him). Now he’s been asking to talk, and he does not want to lose me. Then next day the same shit of ‘needing his space and to do his thing’… seriously, I am an extremely busy person and keep occupied with lots of hobbies. We do not even live in the same city (2hrs away), and we see each other maybe twice a month for a weekend. what the actual fuck is happening? Should I even hang in there? I am already feeling burned out and I have one foot out the door. P. s: I think he just wants to fuck other girls. And it is fine. But he is almost forty and acts like a 19 year old.
What should I do about this manchild?
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