Feel like I'm being manipulated, how can I tell?

When I first met my friend, he was well liked and everyone talked highly about him. We've been friends on and off for about years until three months ago we've reconnected. I wouldn't consider him a friend during the time period but a frenemy. The way he's been acting lately, I think we are friends for good. I never had a friend be this loyal to me. I get the too good to be true feeling and feel like i'm getting manipulated.

Reasons why I feel manipulated:

-Only nice to me and throws his own friends, who dislikes me, under the bus for me.

- Treats me good, puts both me and him on a pedestal + has my back. Is possessive over me and doesn't like it when I go out and meet new people.

-Considered a bully and makes himself superior from others.

- I heard tons of stories about him from other people including my friends about how rude he is to them but I NEVER seen it. Last year when we were off, he would talk sht about me to other people but was never rude to my face. On friends again, he speaks highly about me and respectful.

- is rude to my friends behind my back and doesn't want them hanging out with me.

-Doesn't lie to me

- Trust me with expensive and important materialistic items to him.
Feel like I'm being manipulated, how can I tell?
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