How do I deal with this guy who has inconsistent texting but is very enthusiastic whenever we talk?

I’ve been talking to a guy for a while, he initiated it and was clear about his texting habits and his busy lifestyle from the start and I know it’s true because I know a mutual friend who used to rant about it sometimes.

Sometimes he’d chat enthusiastically, then disappear for days. What made it not that big of a deal was the fact that he’d always tell me in detail about what was going on throughout that period and because I’m not the best texter either. One time it took me five days to reply, sometimes one or two.

A couple of days ago he was telling me that he’s going to an event and I replied saying that I didn’t go to it, but there’s this other related one that sounds nice. He texted back saying that he wants to go but doesn’t have someone to encourage him and asked if I can ‘encourage him to go’. A couple of hours later, he double texted me with a screenshot of the event so I took that as a hint that he wants me to ask him to go.

I then told him that I haven’t gone yet and asked if he’d like to tag along, to which he said ‘Amazing, when are you going?’ and went on to excitingly ramble a bit about how he’s gonna show me his favorite perfumes. I replied saying (among many other voice notes that I sent, not individually) that I’m busy on the weekend, but I’m free after that and told him to weigh in and tell me when he’s free too. After that he just… Didn’t reply?

Whenever we’re talking, he’s more conversational than me and would tell me personal things and opinions in long voice notes (around 10 minute-long for each 5 I send). He’d also rant to me about things in his life and when he’s drained he’d talk about that so that made me feel like I’m a bit special. He also has social anxiety, if that matters.

I’m not trying to make excuses, but I wanna put everything in retrospect while deciding whether to reach out and talk to him about it or just distance myself.
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I really don’t want to make him feel uncomfortable or that I’m clingy by asking if he’s okay or if something is going on, especially if turns out that he’s just ignoring me in the end.
How do I deal with this guy who has inconsistent texting but is very enthusiastic whenever we talk?
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