Is our relationship over?

Me and my boyfriend were about to watch a movie
And then he made a sexual remark about a woman in the movie as a joke
And I am a very jealous and insecure person so I got annoyed

Our convo:
Me - why did u say that? U checking her out?
Him - its a movie. she's a movie star. Chill
Me - wow u checking her out infront of me
Him - omg fml, all i said was "boobs!" .. ur always insecure and jealous about every woman. Its a joke. Im not even cheating on you. We are together everyday. I just wanted to watch a movie with you and joke around but u take everything serious

Then he's like
Him - I've had enough of this. you're too much. you're too insecure. I can't be with a woman like this. We are done. I can't take your bullcrap anymore. Youve done this so many times.
Then he dropped me home

Did our relationship end?
Its been over a day and never heard from him
Just over a movie
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4 d
Lol the majority said yes... you guys are trippin. Anyway well we are back together now 😂
Is our relationship over?
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