Can anyone explain this to me?

I was really hurt again yesterday by my mum. She said "what I don't get is why you can't seem to make any guy friends". The situation was surrounding:
I reconnected with an old school friend and we exchanged numbers. I did tell him I wasn't dating atm and not interested in doing so either. I did say that in the event that I start dating I'd be looking for a husband. Since I'm getting too old for this nonsensical stuff. I thought that put us on the same page as he was saying that people are weird and he's not dating coz you have to be careful etc.
When he text me first he referred to me as his wife. I rebuffed him and quickly rejected his advances, anyways he didn't like it and started responding half heartedly when I didn't return his call or text due to it being too late that night. I didn't fall for his "charm".
So a few days later he either deleted my number or removed his pfp on WhatsApp to either gain my attention some days after the silence between us so I blocked him. A month or so passed and he called me for an explanation on private number.
I concluded it was a childish games and I wasn't prepared to play along or try and get him to stop fancying me.
I'm a straight forward person. Maybe it was like another guy said maybe he thought he could be friends with benefits, or maybe he thought I'd see him as husband material due to our history but I made it clear I wasn't open to that.
My issue is why do the guys, whether from primary school, college, random guy (s) at a new hobby I join only want to date me? And cut ties if they can't?
Also on the flip side if they don't want to date me, why do they turn on me, so aggressively with such hate and contempt even when I've made no advances towards them?
I've had the most bitchiest behaviour come from really nasty guys.
As if humiliating me makes them the 'big man'.

This isn't a conceited post, this is a genuine concern.
Can anyone explain this to me?
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