I think he’s interested, but I’m confused…?

He’s a good friend of mine. We get along well and have good chemistry. He told me many times that I’m a great friend and he’s thankful that I’m in his life. He also said that he admires my character etc. He even flirts with me on and off.

BUT, he almost seems afraid to initiate anything more. He’s been hurt a lot in the past so I understand if that’s what is holding him back. I have a feeling that if I show more interest he may be more open. But I don’t know how exactly.

FYI, he has a sugar mama who he once said was the person he felt most compatible with. I always remember this and I think that he maybe isn’t that interested in me…

He once said, “I think your parents seem to think I’m a good guy for you” It was out of the blue, and while they actually did say that I brushed it off cause I didn’t want to tell him that so soon. (Probably a suckish move) I don’t wanna directly ask “hey do you like me?” , but I also want to know lol. Any tips or insight will be appreciated. Thanks!
I think he’s interested, but I’m confused…?
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