Read description below. Guys, was he being genuine and honest or was he lying?

I’ve known him for 5 years and we’ve hungout a lot throughout the years. A year ago I decided to just cut ties bc it just wasn’t worth it anymore. It had been going on for too long. But we had a very deep conversation with each other and I want to share what he said when I asked him what it was that made him not want anything with me and this is what he said. Please tell me if he was being honest and genuine with me or if he was just trying to come up with something to say.
he said “don’t take all that I’m about to say out of context. If I was smart I would want to be with you. You’re a beautiful, faithful , caring girl. Basically what turned me away when we first started to hangout back in college was it didn’t seem like you had your own personality, it seemed like you were just saying things hoping I’d take interest. I know you have a personality but you never really showed. Guys and girls are so different on so many levels so when it comes to being yourself that’s what you needed to be. But because of it my heart just never clicked”
after reading this I want to know if he was actually trying to get to know me in the beginning , if he had good intentions but it just didn’t work out bc of how I was acting. He was right , I was acting very serious when we met but I did that bc and I didn’t know if he had good intentions or not. So if he actually explained what made him loose interest is that what it actually was? Was he being truthful with me?
Read description below. Guys, was he being genuine and honest or was he lying?
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