Am I overthinking this or do he like me?

This guy is confusing me. I am already bad at telling if someone likes. This guy doesn't talk to me at all but he is always stealing glances at me and trying to be nearby all the time. Out of nowhere, he is on both dating sites that I am on. I've seen his friends on there too. Is it possible that they told him I was on there? One of his friends liked me on both apps I just didn't entertain him. In one profile he said let me take you off of here๐Ÿ˜Œ. The other app my finger slipped and I liked him and 3 days later he liked me back but never messaged me back. Can I have some advice, please? I'm too nervous to ask him. I don't want to be weird.
Am I overthinking this or do he like me?
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