Does he like me, flirting with a Mormon missionary?

I think I'm in love with a Mormon missionary. And I kind of get the feeling that he's attracted to me too. I've been a member all my life, and I've never fallen for a missionary before, not even close! We're always around each other and whenever I look at him I notice that he's either already looking at me, or at least our eyes meet within a few seconds.

He often touches me, my arm or my waist, and just here the other day we were playing a game where we had to hold hands, and all of the sudden he had his arm wrapped around me (no - it had nothing to do with the game)! And then just later during the same game his hand was on my thigh (under the table, so no one saw it..). Later, he was whispering something to me, and we were literally cheek-to-cheek, and his mouth touched my ear! I've never been so close to a missionary before, it almost creeped me out, even though I liked it..:P

He's winked his eyes at me multiple times too. No one notices, cause he's very subtle about it, but he makes sure that I see it.

Do you think he's attracted to me, or am I over analyzing this whole thing?! I mean - I really really like this guy, and that makes it so easy for me (anyone who's in love) to read stuff between the lines where there's actually nothing..

But this is considered flirting, right?!:P I'm not the only one seeing that..?:P


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  • Haha nope you're not the only one seeing it. From what you're saying here I definitely get the feel like he's really into you.

  • It seems like he is definitely interested! Go for it! Please answer mine, it is somewhat similar.

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