Who is the better man?

There are two guys I know who are pretty good friends. The question is end up the most desirable and successful in life? So who is going to be doing better in 25 years if we can check on them again. I will describe them to you and you decide who will fare better in life. And make your choice and explain your belief.

Guy 1:
Guy 1 Is 25 years old and is recent college graduate. He met guy 2 while working a blue collar job to sustain himself and worked through college and graduated college with no debt, owns his own car lives in his own apartment. He now works at a decent tech company. He is a hard working person, learns quickly and moves with purpose and vision. He's a thin, fit guy who is very dedicated to fitness and loves to go to the gym. He's very young looking for his age, couldn't grow facial hair on a bet. He likes to read and likes to learn new things. He's got lots of interests and he's strong and smart. He has dated, and had a couple of relationships, moderate dating and he can fairly easily get a date, in fact women ask him out some times.

Guy 2:
Guy 2 is 24. He still works at the blue collar job, but he's trying to get a better job in the industry and he's about to get it. He, however, has not been to college in fact he did not even graduate high school. He dropped out because he got his girlfriend pregnant at 16 had had a baby with her. He has been already married and divorced. He lives paycheck to paycheck, barely sustaining himself in the trailer that he rents with his child. Though not educated guy 2 is good with numbers and is just good at math generally. He too, is a hard working guy and he tries to do the right things, but he has a child and it's harder. He's a good looking thin guy that doesn't care for the gym he gets enough exercise at work, but he's fairly confident. He doesn't date much, but he has had a fair share of brief hookups.
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Who is the better man?
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