How long after he asks for my number should he text/call?

Short version:
Volunteered to help at a campus play, met a guy who was doing the same, it was an obvious attraction, he asked for my number the next day, acted distant a bit after, hasn't reached out since. Now what?

Long version:
Because I’m minoring in Theater Arts, helping behind the scenes is required. I helped as an usher and was standing near the guy running one of the lights. I was actually just filling in for someone and was clueless about what I was supposed to do so I asked him.
Me: What exactly have the ushers been doing the last few nights?
Him: oh you just greet the people, help them find a seat if they need it, which they usually don’t.
Me: oh, so stand here and look pretty? I can do that.
Him: yeah, I bet.
Me: I’m just kidding
Him: well, I don’t know…..
We just made small talk (grad school, theater, majors, classes, etc). He kept walking by me when we weren’t near each other. I also noticed him winking A LOT and whenever we did talk, he looked straight at me and leaned in a lot.
The class I’m in is mostly freshmen (as in, I’m the only junior, because I added my minor so late), and they all saw him and I talking. They kept making fun of me. It got worse after they heard him ask if he could get my number.
They kept loudly saying, “is that him?” “I see your boyfriend” and I have never been so humiliated. Every time we wanted to talk, at least one of them would walk over towards us. When picking up chairs I "accidentally" dropped one and he raaaaaaaaan over to help me. As he was giving it back, one of the freshmen came over and took it from him. As we walked away, she loudly said, "IS THAT HIIIIIIIIIIIM?"
After that, just before I left, he got kinda distant. I don’t know if it was the freshmen who got to him or if he was busy with his own work. I told him I was leaving and he said, "Yeah, leaving, right."
I mean, he never said he was going to text/call, he just asked if he could have my number. But it's been four days. Am I being paranoid about nothing?
3 mo
He texted me this morning.
How long after he asks for my number should he text/call?
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