Should I trust my male best friend’s answer because I’m overthinking?

So I am a 22 yr old female and have a male best friend. We started off as friends w benefits but eventually became actual good friends to the point of watching movies together and talking almost every day. Not dating tho bc he’s made it clear he’s not ready for a relationship and neither am I really. We joke around crudely as friends do and have a lot of banter. He’s also admitted I’m very attractive and hot but in a truthful non flirty way. I’ve learned that his “type” are cute Asian girls, and I am a white latina which is not his type at all, however he clearly has considered me attractive enough physically and personality wise to have sexual relationships with. We were on a discord call and we were joking about maddison beer being very hot and I asked a question I knew I’d regret bc maddison beer is like the cannon for beauty. I asked him jokingly who he thought was hotter me or her but I think deep inside I actually wanted to know. Again, extremely stupid and out of my league question. He didn’t respond with anyone and ended up saying he didn’t give a fuck about how pretty or whatever we can be. He described his answer as “null.” However I kind of like him so I was hoping his answer would be me, even though deep inside I know maddison is obviously much prettier to many people. He also told me I should stop comparing myself to other girls and was super nice and cool about it but I’m still overthinking that he might’ve thought maddison and didn’t say it out loud to hurt my feelings or whatever. Should I trust his answer and let this go? I know its silly but I just needed to vent…
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P. S - When I first asked the question he automatically told me I get myself in uncomfortable situations or asking questions I might not want the answers to. Could that itself have been his answer? Or might he be referring to the fact that I tend to compare myself a lot to other girls
Should I trust my male best friend’s answer because I’m overthinking?
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