Why does a married man flirt with me?

He works at university canteen, and I had a crush on him before I knew he was married. He is 32. And I started liking him after we had eyecontact and he asked me my name when serving a food. Then one day I asked another student employee there if he is in relationship, and told me he is married. I decided not to take any steps. After that, we have more eye contact, and everytime when i take food and we are alone he asks me more questions about me, and compliments me. Whenever, I drop coffee or smth he spots serving and comes to clean that. And one time i was in a quee for food and when it was my turn, he came to serve (he was not serving, another worker was serving). And everytime my answers were short like no i dontknow thank you. I am so confused. While talking, I told him that after 1 month, I will not be here, i ll go to another country for study, but in ths future i ll come back after 1 2 years. I am so confused. What does he want? Can someone help me? In our last conversation, I listened to my friends and told him a little bit flirtish joke which means i come here to talk to you, and he laughed and i went. It was my first flirtish sentence. Because i like him, he makes me confused, and i ll leave soon. I am so confused. Maybe that girl told him that I like him, but why married man should do these after knowing that? I know I am beautiful but he is married and he loves his family, his wife is pregnant for second child. He has never talked about his family, only he has a ring. But he asked me my name before i asked that girl. And he always laugh whatever i say.
Why does a married man flirt with me?
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