Why is he still mad?

Been friends with this guy for about a year. On Sunday I spent the night over at his house. Didn't really have any change of clothes so when I left I took a blanket with me since it was super cold. We were texting Monday and when he called I told him I took a blanket since it was cold. He got mad, hung up, came to my work to pick up the blanket and said "I let you stay over and you didn't even ask me." I tried to talk to him and appoligize but he left instantly after. I texted him a hour later appoligizibg for taking a blanket with out asking and that I didn't mean to upset him. He relied "yeah its cool." I didn't respond and gave him a few days to cool off. I texted him asking if we were still going to a show since we both bought tickets And said why I didn't respond or reach out because he needed some space and I didn't wanna bug him. He said yeah to going but he didn't get his yet but I saw him purchase it when I did. I replied saying oh I thought you did last week and he hasn't responded and today is the day of the event. I get that I should've asked him before taking a blanket but I just don't understand why he would still be mad.
Why is he still mad?
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