I’m so lost, what do I do?

I was seeing this amazing guy and unfortunately because of COVID we are geographically separated for now. For the first two months he it was great, calls and video calls everyday and it felt wholesome. Now for the last two months we haven’t called and only text a few times a week. First reason is because he had a depression episode and had to see a therapist so we took a break for him to feel better. After he felt better he did text me but only like once every 2-3 days. Even now I have been on delivered for 48 hours. The thing is he is really sweet guy & I really like him and his qualities. I know he’s a busy guy who studies full times and works 2 jobs part time but before he used to make time for me and now he doesn’t even give me the time of the day. I can’t tell if it’s his depression causing him to be avoidant or if he’s genuinely not interested. Any advice?
I’m so lost, what do I do?
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