Should I block this guy?

I made all efforts for this guy, we got along well, had great date but from 2nd time, he had changed his attitude and had made no efforts for me even before the 1st date. I initiated texts (he never texted on his own), gave open invite to let me know when he's free, ask him if he's warm enough when we were outside I the cold yet this guy stopped replying to my messages and practically ghosted me after briefly meeting me (5 mins) and was pretty cold during it too.

This guy has been seeing other women on and off which i know but he didn't tell me. His colleague did.

Now he's stopped messaging me and I have stopped messaging him as well and deleted all his number, unfollowed him.

However, he's still keeping me in his contact list as his colleague (my friend) saw my name saved in his list.

When he doesn't want to talk, why keep my number? Also I'm frustrated AF. I did everything for this random only to get ghosted. What should I do? Should I block him?
Should I block this guy?
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