He told me to date another boy?

had been dating for 4 months and it was great. behaviour in person and text matched very well, chemistry was intense from day one and it felt like we were mirroring each other. could definitely tell he liked me a lot, was very nervous around me. and I him.
never had sex with this guy, he was super respectful and consensual. only kissed once.

at one point he told me he wanted a break and told me after that he lost interest. when i told him i was in his area to talk so we could sort it out, within minutes he completely switched up and said “fuck i feel like everything is so complicated now, i actually really want to sort this out too. i swear i have this side to me where i really fall for you and then i want to be distant at times. i’m so sorry i hurt you, i really wanna make it up to you’.

i figured he had a fearful avoidant attachment style so the next day i told him to take the test and that i’d taken it too. he agreed to do it. since then he had been avoiding trying to see/talk to me although he said he wanted to. he started becoming very distant. i said i wanted to meet with him to talk, and he asked me ‘so you don’t want to get back together?’ to which i replied saying I do and he sorta calmed down.

recently i opened up to him and told him ‘i haven’t been honest with you and lately i’ve been feeling very upset and overwhelmed etc.’ before i had even got to telling him why i was upset (which was not even about him), he immediately jumped to conclusions “obviously you can’t get over me anytime soon” (not smth i could hear him saying in person at all) and told me to date another boy to get my mind off him to an extent.

i low key feel like he’s intimidated by me bc I’ve figured him out and he see’s that as a threat
He told me to date another boy?
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