Why does he bring me down?

We started dating 2 months ago, whenever I mention something even if I'm joking I feel like he tries to bring me down, for eg we were playing valorant together and I was the one with least kills, I was telling him the other team has two people below me, he then said but they died less than you, like I know it's some stupid example but like come on we're playing just cheer me up for gods sake lol. I feel he does that even if he's trying to cheer me up about something he always have something to say to make me feel that what I've done is not good enough. Another time I was showing him part of my room that I re-decorated and was so happy to get it done, he said it was good but didn't need all that time to get it done! It just bothers me and I don't understand why does he do that
Why does he bring me down?
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